Rugged Mobile Computing Solutions

  • Trimble Juno UHF RFID Reader
    Trimble Juno UHF RFID Reader
  • HandHeld Algiz 10X Tablet
    HandHeld Algiz 10X Tablet
  • Engineering & Contract Manufacturing Advertisement
    Engineering & Contract Manufacturing Advertisement
  • Motorola TC55
    Motorola TC55
  • Trimble Repair Service Advertisement
    Trimble Repair Service Advertisement
  • Getac V110
    Getac V110

Rugged Mobile Computers


Titan Elite can help you select the most appropriate rugged computer for your application. Water resistant and dust proof devices should be used for applications where consumer grade devices just don’t belong. Feel free to browse our selection of rugged mobile computers today!

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)


RFID is often the most effective way to manage inventory or assets. Save time and manage objects or people using the automated capability of a radio frequency identification system.

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Engineering and Product Development

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Do you have an idea for a product that isn’t readily available? Do you have a way to improve the functionality of an existing device or system? Contact us today to find out how Titan Elite can bring your conceptual idea to life and even mass produce it if needed

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